About SimBo

Welcome to SimBo company!

SimBo Ltd. is a manufacturer of orthopedic equipment and equipment for the disabled and offers a wide range of technical rehabilitation equipment for people with injuries, physical inactivity, cerebral palsy. The products of our company are widely used in sanatoria, medical institutions, geriatric boarding houses and rehabilitation centers.

We offer only new, modern and high-quality equipment for rehabilitation of the European level quality at an affordable price. We are constantly working hard to expand the range to meet the demand of our regular customers.

The equipment of own production for the disabled and the means for injured people has found wide application in such fields as: orthopedics, traumatology, medical physical education and sports medicine, social and domestic, labor and medical rehabilitation of invalids and people with musculoskeletal disorders, rehabilitation after prosthetics oflimbs, post-traumatic rehabilitation.

The assortment of products is constantly expanding, for now we are ready to offer:

Tools for movement: sticks, crutches, walkers, rollers – goods for the disabled, which are auxiliary means for the movement of low-mobility groups of the population, the elderly, people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Rehabilitation simulators: electromechanical equipment for continuous active-passive therapy, pedal simulators for restoration of movement of hands and feet, equipment for hanging therapy, simulators for the development and training of joints of the upper and lower limbs.

Compression knitwear: golf, stockings, pantyhose for varicose veins, phlebitis, sleeves for lymphedema and thrombosis.

Bandage and corset products: knee pads, orthoses on the chest and lumbar spine, orthoses on the cervical spine, bandages, orthoses for the upper limbs, orthoses for the lower limbs, warming line.

Orthopedic insoles and shoes: own production of orthopedic insole on high-tech equipment, sewing of orthopedic footwear for children.

Our advantages:
Stable excellent quality of products
Constant updating of assortment of goods
Flexible pricing policy
Fast delivery across Ukraine and abroad
More detailed information about the products of “SimBo” company can be found on the pages of our site.
We are open to cooperation with all customers.
Delivery of goods is carried out by transport companies throughout the territory of Ukraine.