Militia - tse zoby, as they lie down independently oversupply of people with their physical abilities, take renewal of support-rocking functions, correctly distribute new options from the lower figures. Our shop has a wide assortment of goods of type:

Militia for walking (grooving and walking). Pakhvov militia are recommended to lithuanian people, as well as to people with great body of mind. Modification with a padlock will provide a support for the hand and a little bit, adjust according to the front, the stench is less overall.

Police with an attachment for protection. Mayut a visuvny pin, which allows you to vicoristovuvati virib on slimy surfaces.

Telescopic police. Possibility of height adjustment.

Police of 3 and 4 support vehicles will not provide additional performance. Deyaki vidi militia can see the function of the shock absorber for the opening of the construction of the upper part, for example, the handle with the horizontal support, as it has been redesigned for the front.

   Our vyrobnitstvo vypuskan lіnіyu militia yak for grown-ups, so for children and children

   All models in the store are prepared from modernized materials, I will give you a guarantee of good fortune and hope.

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