Матрац 4-x секційний у з`ємному чохлі М-4

Матрац 4-x секційний у з`ємному чохлі М-4
The mattress is intended for use on medical beds. The mattress is made of flexible polyurethane foam 
in a cover made of special fabric,

which is designed to protect against the flow of liquids.
Products from this fabric are easily wiped, which provides the possibility of

continuous use, including after the flow of physiological, medical and other liquids.
Wipedown Vinyl fabric has anti-microbial and anti-allergenic

properties, including this material protects against dust mites.

Washing is allowed in the household washing machine at a temperature of up to 90 ° C 

Sterilization at 130 C
Price: 3 743 UAH

Is available


There is a flexible system of discounts

Technical data Матрац 4-x секційний у з`ємному чохлі М-4:

1960 mm - total length
800 mm - overall width
100 mm - height
Number of separate sections - 4

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