Rampants stationary

Rampants stationary

Stationary rampants is the most convenient devices to move the wheelchair. Stationary rampants provide a gentle downhill slope or climb at 5 to 12 degrees, which replaces a flight of stairs and are designed to move at a different height. Inclined wheelchair ramps can be made of structural steel coated with aluminum or steel corrugated flooring. This rampants can be rectangular or curvilinear designs. Stationary metal ramp is performed in a fixed place.

Standard sizes of ramps:

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Technical data Rampants stationary:

Length, mm

Width, mm

Lift height, mm

Slope angle,


1700 960 200 6 (not more 12%)
3000 960 400 6 (not more 12%)
4300 960 600 6 (not more 12%)
6200 960 800 6 (not more 12%)
7400 960 1000 6 (not more 12%)


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