Mobile module for walking MHP-1 (for chaidren)

It is intended for restoration of movements of lower limbs and joints of various origin after injuries and illnesses. Training of coordination of movements and ability to maintain balance, balancing in a standing position, assistance in restoring walking skills and training various groups of muscles. Rehabilitation and prophylaxis, the formation of limb muscles in the training regimen in patients with neurological syndromes, removal of fatigue of the limb muscles and improvement of the general physical condition of children and adults. The rehabilitation device used as a simulator for complex physical rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal disorders and provides the support of the invalid in an upright position during training for restoration of walking skills. Regular trainings on the simulator help to improve the functioning of the internal organs, prevent contracture, develop and fix the existing and lost functions of the lower limbs, improve coordination of movements and positively affect muscle tone.

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