A warming up orthosis on the cervical spine (Collar Warming) ОH.04

Made in the form of a flat wavy tape, of hypoallergenic polyurethane foam, of medium density, in a blanket of cotton fabric. The fastener of the head holder and its fixation on the neck are provided by fasteners of the type “Velcro”, in the area of the neck.

With pains in the region of the cervical spine;
Cranial radicular syndrome;
Headaches, dizziness with disorder of blood supply to the brain;
Injuries of the cervical spine;
Instability of the spine in the cervical spine;
Cervical myositis;
Osteochondrosis and spondylarthrosis;
Provides for moderate fixation of the cervical spine and head, unloading of the bodies of the cervical vertebrae and muscular-ligament neck apparatus;
Supports the cervical vertebra in a straight position;
Provides a warming and soft massage effect;
Foam provides softness and comfort in use;
The textile fastener provides a reliable fit of the orthosis to the neck.

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