Orthopedic collar Philadelphia

The cervical orthosis consists of two halves: the front, marked FRONT, and the rear, marked BACK. For a durable connection of both halves, the orthosis is provided with “Velcro” fasteners. Made without the use of latex from hypoallergenic polyurethane foam – light (weight less than 100 grams), durable, resistant to mechanical loads of the material.


Strict immobilization after traumatic injuries of the cervical spine;

Used for neck fractures, after operations of the cervical spine;

Post-surgical immobilization;

Serious stretching of the muscles of the cervical unit;

Rigid support of the head;

Unloading of vertebral bodies, ligament apparatus and muscles, lordosis regulation;

Easy traction of the cervical spine with uncomplicated fractures of the cervical vertebrae (without neurological manifestations), various kinds of muscle atrophy of the cervical spine.

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