Orthoses on the lumbosacral spine (inguinal bandage) OH.27

Made of textile material (ortho, flaxen) and bandage tape, with two pellets: right and left side. Pellets can be detached if necessary. The fastening of the orthesis, and its fixation, as well as the fixation of the pellets, are providing by using Velcro fastener. Waist girth needs to be measured to determine the size. Color: white / beige.


Single or double-sided inguinal hernia;

Prevention of inguinal hernia development in adults with high physical activity;

Prevention of recurrence of hernia in the postoperative period;

The orthosis has 2 removable anatomical shaped pellets, for the reliable maintenance of hernia from falling out; You can put in the left or right side, depending on the location of the hernia;

Adjustment of the compression level with the help of belts;

Comfortable and invisible under clothing.

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