Orthoses on the upper limb (bandage with fixing shoulder) OV.06

Made of textile material and belts. The construction of the orthosis is arranged in such a way that the additional fixing tape tightens the limb, located in the support band, to the trunk, which allows to securely fix the limb, in the right position. The height of the location of the orthosis is fixed by a double-buckle on the belt tape. The fastening with a fixing tape is carried out with Velcro fastener.


Bruises, dislocations and fractures of the elbow joint, uncomplicated fractures of the collarbone;

Rehabilitation after injuries and operations on the upper limb;

Arthrosis and arthritis of the upper limb;

Paresis and paralysis of the upper limb,

The orthesis provides the fixation of the upper limb in a functional-favorable position, unloading of the joints of the upper limb.

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