Orthoses on the upper limb (Supporting bandage on hand kerchief) OV.04

Made of textile material and ribbon belts. The construction of the orthosis is arranged in such a way that allows to securely fix the limb in the right position. The height of the location of the orthosis is fixed by a double-buckle buckle, on the belt tape. The size is versatile, the length of the orthosis is 40 cm. Color: black \ gray.


Immobilization of the shoulder joint and upper limb after operations and gypsum bandages;
Partial damage to the bag-ligament apparatus of the clavic-acromial joint, shoulder and elbow joints;
Subluxations and dislocation of the shoulder, bruise of the upper limb;
Arthrosis, arthritis of large joints of the arm, periarthritis of shoulders and shoulder blades .

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