Orthosis (brace) on the lumbosacral spine (flexible) Bandage postsurgical OH.12

It is made of elastic material of a bandage (or a bandage band “aero”), with two plastic ribs on the sides, which does not deform the orthesis in the process of use. The fastening of the orthesis and its fixation are provided with Velcro fastening at the area of the anterior abdominal wall. Measurement of the waist girth is needed to determine the size. Color: black / white / beige.


For the prevention of postoperative hernias of the anterior abdominal wall;

With weak muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and a large area of ​​surgical intervention;

During postoperative interventions on the abdominal wall, including after cesarean section;

To prevent the formation of ventral hernia;

At the lowering of the internal organs;

In the postpartum period.

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