Orthosis on a knee joint (a kneecap with hinges) ОN.10

Made of elastic material neoprene, with extra thitening, reinforced with metal hinged tires on the sides. Convenient due to anatomical (demountable) design. Has a warming effect. The fastening of the orthesis and its fixation is providing by using fastener type “Velcro”. To determine the size measurement of the girth of the knee joint is needed.
Stretching of the ligament and damage to the cruciate ligament of the knee;
Inflammatory and degenerative diseases (arthritis, synovitis, edema, arthrosis), if thermal effect is not harmful;
Knee disease;
Rehabilitation after injuries and operations on the knee joint;
The orthesis provides a semi-hard fixation of the knee joint and a kneecup;
Lateral stabilization and unloading of the knee joint;
Eliminates overlapping.

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