Rehabilitation complex RК-1 (Maximum equipment:)

Rehabilitation complex RК-1 (Maximum equipment:)


  • the rehabilitation complex RK-1 is designed to restore the motor functions of the upper and lower extremities.


  • the rack for the simulators is intended for compact and integrated use of active rehabilitation simulators;
  • at the complex there are 4 patients simultaneously;
  • on the RK-1 framework, two metal shelves are fixed on which simulators can be placed;
  • for the convenience of using and preventing tipping when used in the design of the product, mounting holes for fixing to the floor are provided.


  • title placed on the rack are adjustable in height;
  • versatility, simplicity and availability of the replacement of one simulator to another, given the possibilities of the patient and the appointment of the doctor;
  • the ability to simultaneously fire on simulators of several patients from different sides of the rehabilitation complex, in a sitting position or standing;
  • the rehabilitation complex of the RK-1 can be equipped with a different amount of simulators and manufactured in the form of a rack or in a wall-mounted version.

The MAXIMUM EQUIPMENT: includes simulators TRVN-1; TRVK-1; TMK-1; TRVM-1; TRNP-1; TRNG-1, TR-M8, TR-M7, DDVP-1, TR-M5;

Price: 84 072 UAH

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Technical data Rehabilitation complex RК-1 (Maximum equipment:):

Overall dimensions


850 mm


760 mm


1810 mm


to 120 kg

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